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The stage lighting control technology and its development
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Pick to: the light and sound is the two big factors in stage performance, its control quality is good or bad effect on the stage effect is higher. Light, in particular, can achieve effective foil on the stage effect, but the traditional lighting control system control accuracy is low, need the intensity of labor is too big. With the continuous development of science and technology, the development of lighting control technology also got bigger, is commonly used in stage lighting control system is mainly introduced in this paper three kinds of control technology, and its future development is given, and pointed out the direction for stage lighting control technology research.

Key words: stage lighting; Control technology; The development of

With the development of all kinds of advanced science and technology, all kinds of advanced control technology used in the stage performance more and more, for the people has brought the very special visual feast. Light and sound is the best way to show stage effect, lighting control, in particular, can achieve effective adjustment of stage lights, thus rendering the stage effect.

1 the role of stage lighting control

Expression in order to get good results, the realization of the foil of the atmosphere on the stage, the stage set up various types and various colors of light, in the process of performance, to carry on the reasonable collocation, it can achieve different effects. Because the number of stage of the application of lamp is more, the control has the certain difficulty. With the development of all kinds of advanced control technology, stage lighting control adopts the advanced control operating system, improve the quality of the lighting control and effect. Such as musical spider-man - put an end to the darkness in the process of broadcast, flying in the stage actor with live music, different light just follow performers, has realized the accurate control of sound, light, and performance, up to the people, affection and scene without coordination, perfect. The application of music drama stage lighting control technology to render the effect for the stage performances, as well as the show week generated $2.942 million in box office record.

Stage 2 common control technology

(1) the original control technology

This control mode is pure manual control mode, around the perimeter of the stage is decorated with various types of manual switch, each lamp control needs to be done for human, control personnel workload is bigger, and prior to remember good lighting switch time and sequence. In addition, the control mode needs to be laid a lot of lamp line, the volume and not conducive to the stage not only beautiful. Original control mode can be achieved only in the control of the light switch, will not be able to adjust the brightness of the lighting, lighting art completely go hand in hand.

(2) simulation lighting control technology

With the continuous development of stage lighting control technology, automation and the development of semiconductor technology, especially the silicon controlled rectifier technology was applied to the adjustment of stage lighting and gradually process, has entered the stage lighting control simulation lighting control period. In the process of control, dimming using analog electronic signal, realize the control of the thyristor conduction Angle, so as to realize control of light intensity. At present the technology in some small and medium-sized stage has more application, the generation of digital lighting control mode for subsequent laid a foundation.

Analog dimming ways mainly have push rod, the dimming circuit and signal components, and they need one to one correspondence. For a large stage, if you need to implement control of the 500 lamp, you will need to design 500 dimming circuit, using 500 putter move light and 500 signal line, this is a very large circuit system, so the control mode can only be applied in the small stage lighting control.

(3) digital lighting control mode

Simulation lighting control although increased to a great extent, stage lighting control effect, but also differ far from our requirement, if you want to achieve complete control over the whole stage lighting is unlikely. Digital lighting control is the 20th century produced a kind of advanced lighting control technology, the technology is often used to have DMX512, it still USES the thyristor to the adjustment of the light and shade, but its evolution is a computer control system, signal transmission, too, could be a signal lines. Using multiple serial data transmission process, the push rod and dimmers can adopt the many-to-many. The development of digital technology greatly reduces the light control circuit in the system, which laid a foundation for the design of the large stage lighting. Digital lighting control system with the other two kinds of control system compared with its more powerful, can be achieved for any stage lighting control system of control, and high control precision.

DMX is multi-channel digital transmission of English first letter abbreviations, adopting the industrial control standard EIA485 to implement for light signal transmission, in the process of signal transmission through the high and low level of information transmission. In order to avoid the process of the digital signal from interference from other signals in the environment, its transmission line using the twisted-pair shielded wire, wire using a different color and different function, avoid errors in line connection.

The development of the three stage lighting control technology

With the development of science and technology, the automation of stage lighting control technology are improved greatly, and is now thinking about the direction of network and automation integration. At present stage use the lamps and lanterns, dimmers, cameras, servers, and smoke and lighting equipment such as bubble machine is realized network, for stage lighting control network laid a foundation. The development of the network enables people to realize the networked control of stage lighting, the user can implement stage, far away in the distance for all kinds of lighting remote control on the stage.

In addition, in the process of stage can also set up a corresponding wireless local area network (LAN), use of local area network implementation stage scene data communication between all kinds of network equipments, improve the management of stage personalization. Especially the development of wireless local area network, completely changed the way of stage control system wiring, and even can achieve all wireless, improve the flexibility of stage lighting control system design scheme, and has the characteristics of stable and reliable data transmission. After the stage design change, users only need to change the position of the lamp without rewiring, design and renovation costs low.

TCP/IP platform is at this stage that is commonly used in stage lighting networked control technology, can facilitate the realization of the control of stage lighting, studio, etc. We believe in the near future, the TCP/IP network lighting control system will completely replace the DMS digital lighting control system, and become the latest must-haves in the burgeoning stage lighting control system.


Light is the key factor in stage performance, has a very important influence on quality of stage performance. Have good lighting equipment can achieve good lighting effects, traditional cases, stage lighting control can only control the light switch, will not be able to realize the regulation of light and shade. With the development of all kinds of advanced control technology, digital control technology is gradually used in stage lighting control, greatly improve the control effect of stage lights. Stage lighting control system for the development of network technology, has brought the new opportunity of development.

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