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The stage lighting use skill
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Success of theatrical lighting design, is based on the processing of stage lights are properly marked. Lighting is not only to illuminate the actor, let the audience see the facial expression, expression and action, more important is to make full use of lighting technology, transfer the light means to strengthen the artistic effect, such as the operation make the audience have immersive feeling. Stage lighting installation position, function and configuration of stage lighting lamps and lanterns according to its function mainly is divided into two kinds: adjustable light dimmer circuit; Do not move light repeater circuit.

After using the light, the light bulb in the process of from hot to cold, can absorb water molecules in the air, the water molecules will stay on gathering on the glass shell of light bulbs. When you suddenly push light bulb, the water molecules on the glass shell, as if in the effect of water injection in boiling oil, light bulb crush is a natural thing.

Believe photography friend is also a music lover, concert is photo taken at the same time with the body feel music, so it will be easier to enter state. Of course, no matter what types all need the photography foundation, this need to the usual practice. It is easy to entry stage photography is not only interesting, now there are a lot of large and small venues, are interested to buy tickets in listen to music at the same time can also practice my photography stage.

Amount of financial resources are limited, and the use of the console prefecture-level television money is tight, when the purchase amount and console equipment is often several times to buy, often caused less number of amount of configuration, but model of mixed, the product performance is uneven, to use caused some trouble and difficulties. Especially the control part is often with the first purchase amount.

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